The barbecue that comes out of the traditional schemes

3VO offers a wide range of barbeques, which are functional and timeless in design, making them perfect for different stylistic settings in both private and hospitality environments. The features of the barbeques make 3VO the ideal partner for all uses. Their practicality, ease of use and extreme functionality make 3VO products easy to use, perfectly meeting the needs of hotels, restaurants, bars, private cottages and contract applications.

3VO barbecues are not just design objects, but real professional tools for outdoor cooking. The desire to get together and enjoy leisure time. All 3VO models have a unique design and are protected by registered patents and are 100% made in Italy.

All this and much more are 3VO’s barbeque models: objects that are able to attract attention at first glance, thanks to design choices that are minimal and always elegant. The play of contrasts between soft and angular lines and the ability to use classic geometric shapes in an innovative way are the distinguishing features of 3VO’s products.

In this way, the different 3VO barbeque models become perfect furnishing objects, capable of making the environment in which they are placed elegant and unforgettable. The possibility of choosing between different finishes, with rich, full colours, allows you to find the model that suits every furnishing style and personal taste.

The choice of high quality materials makes 3VO’s models products destined to last over time and maintain their beauty: the structure of the various barbeques is in painted iron, while for the cooking surfaces and tops there are different solutions, from lava stone to food-grade steel.

Lava stone and food-grade steel allow different foods to be cooked perfectly, limiting the use of seasonings to a minimum and allowing the aromas and flavours of the food to be savoured. The structure of the different barbecue models makes it possible to manage the cooking of different foods in the best possible way: in the models with a round cooking surface, which develops around the fire mouth, it is sufficient to move the food closer to or further away from the flame to take advantage of the different cooking temperatures.

The hobs are also designed in such a way that they are easy to clean: some models even have a grease collection compartment. Optional extras include pan and wok holders and an oven insert for baking pizzas and buns. Thanks to these optional extras, 3VO barbecues are transformed into real kitchens.

For fueling the barbeques you can choose between classic wood, the favourite of grill enthusiasts, pellets, practical gas, electric and modern induction: this makes it possible to use the 3VO models in different situations, for perfect and safe cooking every time.